Affiliate Referral Program

I Cannot possibly Complete My Mission Of Helping Canadians Achieve Cannabis independence on my own!

I need YOUR Help!

Grow Pro Affiliates Enjoy Commissions up To 20%!

There Are 2 tiers of Affiliate.

Tier 1 Passive: The Partner. You Level up as you close deals. Each level Gives You More Commission (Up to 10% Commission)

Tier 2 Active: The Dealer. You Level up as you add  people to your team. Each level gives you more responsibility and more earning potential! (Up to 20% Commission)

There is 2 ways to get to tier 2!

1. Level Up Through Partner. This Requires Closing Deals, And Accumulating 100 KG Grow Points while in partner status. Depending on the level of the person who referred you (1-4), Will You will be assigned the same level in the Partner tier, And a few extra Grow Points.

2. Purchasing A Complete Grow Pros Package. If you decide to use my system, And want to reach Cannabis independence Yourself, You get 100 KG Grow Points as part of the package, Giving You IMMEDIATE access to Dealer Status, And a starting Commission of 10%!

Start Building Your Team And your Grow Pro Affiliate Empire today!

Once you complete the application, You will be contacted to setup a call within 2 business days.

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