Our Digital Solutions

Consult Call

Coaching call

Grow Course

30 Mins

The Winston Wolf Of Cannabis. We Solve Problems.

We hop on a call and discuss your plans, Your current situation, And advise you of what steps to take to solve your problems.

$99 Cad

1 Hour

We hop on a call and do a consult and a coaching session.

After the consult, we spend 30 mins going over a step by step plan to reach your goals.

$199 Cad

Over 25 Modules & 70+ Lessons

The Complete Turn Key Grow Course, which will turn you into a growing MASTER!

This includes lifetime access, and all future updates, but does not include any growing equipment.

$497 Cad

^Limited Time Pricing^

Personal Plan

Your Custom Tailored Grow Plan

This will include a 2 -1 hour calls, as well as customized workbooks that will lay out the exact plan for your specific choices of strains, lighting, grow medium, climate & More. This is the fast track to success, step by step, Made just for you!

$397 Cad

Course Workbook

The complete course workbook

This workbook will include knowledge testing sections, practical example sections, A Journal Template, And many written pieces relating to the course.

$49 Cad

^Limited Time^