Cannabis Independence... Believe it... Pursue it


Introducing: A Better Way Of Being

   KG Grow Pros Provides You With the tools you Need To redefine Your Mind, Your system & Reinvent Your Life, So You can create Cannabis Independence And Self Reliance.


"My goal is to help people, just like you, Achieve cannabis independence, By working with you every step of the way, And providing you the Knowledge, tools and the support, to free yourself from the government and put money back into your wallet!"

-Kaeli Khaos


Khaos Has Been a Legal grower For 4 Years, And coupled with experts in Hydro, Plant Sciences, Breeding, and Concentrate making, can help you get results like this your first time.

This Turn Key Grow Package is for you if:

  • You Are Sick Of Buying Cannabis

  • You Want To Be Self Reliant

  • You Want A Whole Done-For-You grow Package, Training & 1 on 1 Support

  • You Never Want to Spend Money on cannabis Again

  • Cannabis is Costing you too much every month

  • You Don't Have a Professional grow Setup

  • Want to join a network of growers, and cannabis professionals


This Package is NOT for you if:

  • You Have Been Growing For Years, And have your own system already

  • You Like Buying Government Herbs

  • You Are Not ready to Take Action!

  • You Are Satisfied With the price Of Cannabis

  • You Don't Care If there is Pesticides or Poison in Your Weed

  • You dont want 1 on 1 help, And a Done-For-You Complete grow package

  • You want to go at it alone, With no network or coaching


Is This For Me?

One: A Full Grow Package
Your going to get a custom tailored grow package, In your choice of LED or HID, To get your grow going right away!

Two: 1 on 1 Consulting 
You will get personal access to KG Grow Pros team, through 1 on 1 consulting calls or video chats to help you along the way.

Three: The Turn Key Grow Course
Included in Every Package, is The Turn Key Grow Course consisting of over 25 modules, And over 75 Individual lessons, Teaching you every aspect of growing from seed to weed & Beyond.


Four: Access To A Network

You will get access to KG Grow pros network of Professional growers, Consultants, Friends, Breeders, Suppliers, Sponsors and more! This gives people a chance to make important connections, as well as get the best possible cannabis! You will get access to our private Facebook group, And our members only area on our website. 

Five: Confidence
The Confidence to know how to grow premium cannabis, And never have to rely on anyone else. the confidence to embrace Cannabis Independence

Six: Complete Nutrient System
Tier 2 and above packages come with a complete H.O.G Nutrient system that will last for many months.

Seven: Lesson- Understanding Genetics
Youll learn everything about genetics. how they come into play, how to breed plants, And how to pick the right seeds.

Eight: Lesson- Growing & Flowering
The definitive guide to growing and flowering in soil or hydro. this will give you the tools to successfully grow and harvest your cash crop!

Nine: Lesson- Advanced techniques

Some advanced techniques to maximize your potential and get incredible results!

Ten: Lesson- Making Concentrates  
Make Your Own Hash & Rosin!

$99 Value


10 CRITICAL Things You Will Get And Learn

Ready To Grow

-The Turn Key grow Course

LED or HID lighting Package

+ All accessories,timers etc

+ Vent fan

-4x4' Grow tent

-Complete Nutrient System. (3 part + Boosters)

-Upgraded lighting system. More power, more buds.

-Weather station. Monitor everything.

-6" Fan. Create some wind!

-SCROG Netting. Screen of green baby!

-Spray bottle

-pH & ppm meter

-3 Free Mentoring/Coaching calls. (30 mins each)

-Your Personal grow Plan ($397 Value)


Best Value



Just $1997 cad

$2794 Value


Ready To Grow Cycle

-The Turn Key Grow Course

-LED Lighting System (Upgraded)

-Complete Nutrient System

-4x3' Multi Chamber tent 

-MARS LED Flowering Light

-2x Mars Bar LED vegging lights

-Fans/Filters/Timers Etc

-Weather station. Monitor everything.

-6" Fan. Create some wind!

-SCROG Netting. Screen of green baby!

-Spray bottle

-3 Free Mentoring/Coaching calls. (30 mins each)

-Your Personal Grow plan ($397 Value)


Just $2497 cad

$2810 Value


+3 Extra Mentoring Calls With Every Order until Jan 15th!

Limited Time Pricing