Big, Fat, Sticky, Stinky Buds. 6 Weeks into Flower...

With roughly 20 Cola Crown bud Sites, and just over 2 weeks to go, These plants are looking fantastic!

3 Bubba Kush ladies, and a stalky White Widow!

The smell is really starting to show itself within the tent, And the vigor of the buds is providing a glimpse into the future.

This Crown Bud is particularly huge and beautiful. If it fills out completely, I can see this weighing over 1 oz dry!

The Recirculating Deep Water Culture system has certainly provided a boost in growth, health and strength, And is proving to be a worthy adversary for the Nasty Root Rot!

The Root Rot decided to show up despite my preemptive efforts, But it didn't stand a chance in my RDWC system, Using my root rot Shock treatment and a little h202!

With constantly moving water the roots always get refreshed, and the water stays agitated in a way. And it passes through 2 filters along the route. A foam filter in the water pump, And another filter in the control bin with foam outside and bio balls inside. Bio balls allow healthy bacteria to thrive and eat the bad stuff inside the filter. Although, Using my shock and h202 regimen, Will likely kill all the bacteria even the good stuff.

This is Not generally a problem. As long as you stay on the treatments, you should remain bacteria and root rot free!

(You can see the bud site density from under the SCROG! Gonna be A Gooder!)

This Friday will mark 6 weeks in flower, And that's when things start to change. I will be adding a few extra nutrients in the final stages to enhance the final product by forcing the plants into overdrive using products which promote late stage bud ripening and weight gain.

And then will come flushing.

I used to flush for 2 full weeks, but I have since changed my strategy.

Sometimes when you think they will be done in 2 weeks, they actually still need 3 or 3.5 to be just perfect. If you start flushing too early, You miss those last opportunities to ripen your buds and add weight to them.

Also I have learned, Using the products which are for the final flushing stages helps to clean out everything a bit quicker and more efficiently, Which allows me to cut the flushing time down to about a week and still retain amazing quality product completely clean of any leftovers. (In my case, I Use IPP H.O.G typhoon Cleanse)

There is much debate on whether flushing does indeed make a difference at all, And if you take the time to read many forums, Posts, Ideas and discussions about the topic, you will be left wondering still, Does it really make a difference?

Personally I always flush and as I said I flush for a week. I believe it makes a difference in the final product, but its up to you to decide what is best for yourself.

There has been a couple times where I didn't have time for a 2 week flush or a 1 week flush as I was out of canna. You have to remember, Drying properly takes 5 to 7 days on top of that too! and it was noticeably not as good. But that could be subjective.

I plan to keep you updates along the way at the crazy changes that take place over the last 2 weeks of flowering. The buds will fall over because the weight increases almost overnight. They fatten up and become snowy and resinous, the crystals turn from clear, To cloudy, And then, Some turn amber! Its so exciting! Eventually the become ripe and ready to chop down and smoke.

(White Widow looking Super Fine)

I Believe I am on track for my BEST CROP EVER! And I am here to help YOU do the same!

Head over to YouTube and check out my 60 second grow tips, or the overview of my grow in different stages. HERE

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