The Canadian Grow Pro's Secret To Ultimate Control Of Your Hydroponics Grow. Become A Growing God

When I swapped my system over to RDWC a few months ago, It opened up a doorway.

The door to Professional level, God tier, hydroponic control...


Life is busy...

Many of us have our plates full with things to do, and try to squeeze as much progress every day as we can. If you are anything like me, I often find myself wishing there were more hours in a day...

Thankfully, technology has come to a point where it can help us manage our time, Map our minds, Schedule tasks, Brainstorm, Make (and keep) appointments, and to a point, micro manage our lives, So we can make the most of every day.

Many people say... "Time is money"

And in many cases, This is very true.

You may also be one of the growing crowd of home cannabis growers. This adds another thing to your already busy schedule that needs to be managed and tended to. \

When starting out, It can seem daunting and overwhelming as you get things figured out, and you may find this taking precious time from the rest of your day.

Saving time (and or money) everywhere you can, Banking it, And using that bank productively during the rest of the day can certainly be quite challenging, And this is where technology can come into play to do the work for you!


The Search For Something Better...

I have been growing for several years, Using several different systems, Trying different techniques, Experimenting with nutrients to find the perfect balance, and dialing in a system that works for me and my lifestyle. And this is what I have discovered...

During the spring and summer months, I am often away from home, Traveling, Camping and the like, And this requires a grow system that essentially manages itself.


When I started growing, Soil was my weapon of choice.

Soil requires nearly constant attention due to the fact that your plants will drink at different rates, Leaving you to check the pots for water by weight (lift them up) Every Single Day, Or risk them drying out and damaging your crop.

When heading out for a trip for a weekend, Or a week, It was necessary to have a trusted person who knew the system, The feeding schedule and what to do. This is totally impractical, and requires a high level of trust.

Deep Water Culture (DWC):

Roughly a year later, I had had enough of the constant attention my crop was requiring, and searched for a better solution.

That's when I came upon a tried, Tested & True system that was both economical and easily implementable. Deep Water Culture.

By far one of the simplest ways to grow.

All you need is a bucket of water and an air pump.

There is likely better ways to do it that what I came up with, But it worked very well.

It allowed me to leave for up to 3 weeks at a time, without any help or monitoring of my crop, and was more or less self sustaining.

Of course, leaving the system to its own devices for that long does affect the final product due to pH, and several other factors like root rot. But its a much better solution than letting someone else have control of your plants for any amount of time.

There are some downsides to this type of system unfortunately.

One major one is that each plant (or in some cases pair of plants) are in separate bins/pots. Which leaves you to manage several sets of readings, several mixtures of nutrients, and in general more stuff to keep track of.

And another downside...

During my travels, I was completely blind to what was happening to my beautiful cash crop, and coming home was always a bit of a stressful surprise never knowing the actual state of my plants.

Thankfully though, Nothing bad ever came of it.

Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC)

That system worked for me for several years to great success. I harvested many a massive plant from it, and had a modicum of hands off capability paired with my success.

But, I was craving something better. Something more refined. Something more connected. Something that was truly Hands Off. Something that made growing easy as can be!

I was craving God Tier Control of my Cannabis Cash Crop.

So One day the decision was made to design and build a new system.

I went shopping for the necessary pieces, and got to work building the RDWC system.

(You can hop over to my other blog post detailing my build and my transition to RDWC here:

RDWC Connects the entire DWC system so it becomes one large moving-water reservoir that feeds all the plants at once, Leading to much simpler feedings (only one dose of nutrients for the whole system) and many less numbers to keep track of.(only one reservoir to check pH ppm etc).

This makes managing your crop By far the easiest of any of these systems


But now... Back to the technology.

Growing takes time. And in many cases, Time is money.

Having done what was necessary to reduce any proverbial "friction" in my grow system, I felt it was necessary to go one step further and make this system do the work for me.

So I started searching for what I required.

I knew, Someone, Somewhere Must have created what I desired...

I was searching for a monitoring device for my grow so I could easily check the vitals of my grow room, And in doing so I had specific needs to meet, such as:


-Connected to my phone

-Tracking Of data

-Monitors pH, ppm, Humidity + temp

I found many options that did some of what I wanted, but not everything, Leading me to search for several devices to do the job. Most of which were very expensive and seemingly complicated.

That is until I came upon EGrowr!

This system checked every box I had And then some!

Now i travel with the security of knowing exactly what my plants are doing, and how they feel, and the security in the ability to be able to make a call or change plans to attend to the plants needs. For those who grow for medical reasons, its impairitive to know your crop is going to turn out well.


The Future Of God Tier Hydroponics Control...

EGrowr is an affordable, Fully featured, Wireless hydroponic monitoring device that catalogues everything it displays for up to 3 months!

Complete. Connected. Simple.

On top of the aforementioned, Being affordable and cataloguing everything, It monitors absolutely everything you could want. Room and water temp. Humidity, Plant perspiration rate, pH levels, ppm/nutrient levels. And it even measures the amount of light!

This fully featured unit fits in the palm of your hand and takes only minutes to set up and get running. It is both user friendly, And extremely advanced at the same time, Allowing you to get on with your busy life, all while being able to check on your crop at the tap of a finger!

And in the case that you cant spare the time to open the app to ensure the plants happiness, You can set alarms for your preferred tolerances of every feature, So the app will warn you when things start to go awry! Giving you plenty of time to address the issues and make any necessary corrections.

Check Out The Unboxing & Setup Videos Here:



The EGrowr has several modes of connectivity, Granting you many options to connect to your grow and remain in control.

Most users will opt to pay the very affordable subscription fee of $15 / 6months (you can choose monthly or larger chunks if you please), And doing so provides by far the most options for worldwide connectivity, Monitoring, and record keeping.

The subscription gives you access to the EGrowr servers which store your grow room data for 3 months, allowing you the opportunity to go back and see when things changed based on what actions you took, and when and where things went wrong or very well. Ofcurse this all ties in to keeping a journal and making note of things that take place throughout your growing experience.

The other major benefit of the server access is you can check up n your grow from anywhere in the world you may be! Giving you piece of mind, Confidence, and that feeling of God Tier Control of your grow.

Other connectivity optioins include local network access and direct wifi connectivity, as well as a readout on the unit itself. All of these options, of course being limited to your location.


The EGrowr has changed my attitude towards growing. Rather than disturbing the plants unnecessairily, I can simply check the app. Rather than worrying about my plants, i can enjoy my adventures. And most of all, i know if something changes beyond my approved limits, it will warn me that action must be taken.

As the world changes towards a more futuristic and technological age, It only makes sense that the most basic, Natural things such as growing plants become a part of the digital network, and joins in the ever advancing demand for information and control.


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