H.O.G Nutrients.

I was lurking around at a local cannabis convention downtown about a year back, And i came upon this company who was Giving Away Complete nutrient packages for free with the guarantee: "once you start using these nutrients you will be back for more"

HOG Nutrients Ipp

Of course I didn't hesitate, And left with a big box of new food for the girls.

The company who was doing this promotion is called Innovating plant products. IPP.

They are based in Canada, And Europe, and they use the highest quality raw materials sourced mostly in Canada to create High quality nutrients which are filtered 3x for purity and visual clarity.

Their line of nutrients is called H.O.G or High output garden. These nutrients are designed for cash crops, and cannabis, and come at a very reasonable price. When they were giving away the boxes, They cost $99 retail. They have since increased in price, and at the time of writing cost $140.

Still worth every penny for what you get!

HOG nutrient box

So.. What exactly do you get?

This nutrient system is what we call a 3 part nutrient system.

That means the base nutrients come in 3 parts that are used in different concentrations throughout the plants life cycle.

These 3 parts are:

Grow: Used in larger concentrations on younger plants, This green food promotes root growth, and provides the nutrients the young plants need.

Micro: This purple drank is used throughout all cycles of the plants life in fair amounts. it is the main nutrient the plants need all the time. I buy this by the gallon.

Bloom: This is used in larger concentrations during flower, and in small amounts during the early stages of plant growth. This helps your plants get what they need to produce delicious buds!

And as you see there is a laundry list of boosters that come with it!

These boosters include things that help root growth, increase vigor, Improve nutrient uptake, Fatten and harden buds, Help late stage bud growth and more!

This is a complete nutrient solution!

The boosters this includes are:

Bud fusion- A powder used to improve early stage bug production

Red Sun- A powder used to improve early stage bug production

Gold Storm- A chelating agent which promotes nutrient uptake and improves availability

Black Storm- Humic acid: It increases the buffering properties of soil and hydroponic solutions. It improves seed germination and viability as well as increases nutrient uptake.

Sea Storm- Seaweed, kelp& Humic acid, for stronger more resilient plants.

Carbs- Carbs and sugar for your buds helps add to the visual appeal and flavor. B+- Plant Vitamins! This keeps your plants strong, resilient, and speeds recovery from stress

Jet Fuel- Late stage bud booster. Get every last bit of goodness from your plants

Typhoon Cleanse- An extra little bonus for flushing your plants and removing every last thing.

If you compare the price and value to other industry leaders nutrients, you will find this is an incredible price.

Advanced Nutrients 3 Part nutrients. $50

Their top competitors 3 part nutrient system, With no boosters, Runs you around $50. And each and every booster costs around $40+. Some cost as much as $140 per litre(Voodoo Juice).

That can quickly add up to hundreds to come even close to the scope of what the HOG system covers.

Since I swapped over from advanced and started using the H.O.G system, I have been able to save an incredible amount of money, And my grow has been producing consistently killer results like this every 2 months:

One of my favorite things about the HOG nutrients, They are filtered 3x and are clear! (except for the black storm, Sea storm and B+). Whereas the micro from advanced is not clear, and is somewhat thick which causes issues with Pumps.

So when feeding my plants the water does not get particles in it, and there is no color change or muck.

Another nutrient I always have on hand is Cal/Mega. Calcium and magnesium are necessary for plants, and this nutrient is great for keeping them in balance. This is not included in the box kit unfortunately.

"Our Lord And Savior Cal mag"

One other important nutrient that I use religiously is called DENSE. its 62% potassium, and is used on its own at the very end of flowering right before flush.

Although ill tend to add it in with other nutrients sometimes.

It sure does what the name implies, and makes the buds dense, and heavy, With noticeable weight gain within 24 hours. The buds will fall over if not supported, and certainly get fatter.

this comes in a powder, and costs roughly $40 for a medium size container. but i use this in every crop.

I mentioned Voodoo juice earlier, And i want to touch on that and why it costs so much.

Voodoo juice is Advanced nutrients root booster promising 700% (7x) root growth, and increasing the size and vigor of your root ball.

I have used this in the past with stunning results, but it is extremely pricy at $140/L, So its not something I keep around all the time, but I can certainly recommend if you want to splurge.

Tell me, What nutrients you are currently using, What you have tried, And how much you spend on nutrients.

Will you be looking to switch to HOG?

Want to see what upgrades I did for this current crop? Check out my other blog post here:


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