Half Way Through Flower! On Track For 12+ ozs!

I Was working on my plants yesterday, and I decided it would be a good time to capture some footage and create a video for you.

So I Did just that!

(Video Will Be Below)

The plants are incredibly happy, and growing strong! And I am on track for 12 oz!

That's 3/4 Lb.!

Its very difficult to estimate exactly how much you will get dry, but its always fun to bet against yourself, and to try to out do your last harvest!

Although, Especially if you are new, Don't expect that kind of weight at harvest. At least not without a tried & Vetted system, And some support from the pros!

Going at it all by yourself, Without the proper equipment and system, is a sure fire way to leave yourself disappointed, or worse...

Out Of cannabis!

My average harvest every 60 days has been 8 to 10oz. but with the changes I made, I am expecting more than that for sure! Ideally I will be getting 1 lb every 60 days, Which will allow me enough to have what I need, To share when necessary, and to create concentrates such as Rosin or hash.

It would be nice to be surprised by more than 12 this round, but I don't want to set my expectations too high!

Heres that Video! Have A Look!

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