Legal Cannabis in Cannada... What happend?

Cannabis Plant Car Ride

With dirtbike in tow, My plant and I are heading to her new home!

Navigating some of the most populated roads in this city of 1.3 million, Without a care in the world, While the plant gets natural light from the sun!

This is part of what cannabis legalization looks like... But its not the whole picture.

Yes you can take your plants for a car ride in Canada. Right in the open!

Imagine that...

You dont even need a license for the plants! Everyone in Canada is allowed 4 plants per household!

But is it all as good as it sounds?

Lets talk about how legalization has changed cannabis in Canada

Before cannabis became "Legal" here in Canada, there was only about 7 ways to be charged for cannabis. When legalization happened, they enacted 40 new ways to charge people for cannabis, Effectively making it more illegal than it ever was. leading many of us to argue that this type of "Legalization" is nothing but Prohibition 2.0.

To get a bit of a better understanding from the outside, you have to understand how things used to be.

Cannabis has never really been on the radar in Canada in the way that it is in the USA. The powers here used to be much more lenient, and knew full well that this plant was a threat to no one.

Personally I have been "busted" several times when I was younger for everything from smoking while driving to simply just possessing cannabis.

And only 1 time out of the several encounters I had was my cannabis ever confiscated.

Every other time, regardless of what we were doing (usually just smoking in an alley somewhere bothering nobody) I was given the cannabis back and told to drive to another place other than here.

If you are not familiar with marijuanaman, he is a stoner personality on social media, and he had an old video where "even the driver is smoking" while they were on an adventure and they were making a big deal about it to their USA followers. People couldn't believe it, and for us Canadians, At the time, No adventure was complete without some road doobies.

This was normal.

Regardless of how you feel about that topic, The police were not interested in busting people for smoking while driving because there was and is no correlation to increased crashes, And that just how it was.

Now a days, the same police who KNEW full well how cannabis works, Are busting medical patients who are certainly not impaired, for DUI, while the people on percocets get to drive away.

So what happened here?

In short, legalization happened.

We were given permission to grow 4 plants legally with no license. And we can carry an oz without a license, and transport non flowering plants at will. And it has opened up the market for many new (albeit incredibly low dosed) products, and increased public perception regarding the plant and the culture of cannabis.

That all sounds pretty good, But its far from the cannabis utopia many stoners have dreamed about for decades.

There is a dark side... A price to pay if you will.

When I think legal, I think tomatoes, carrots, peppers etc. I can buy and carry as many as I want.

Well you know when the govt gets involved in something that was working fine, they usually break it.

Organic habanero peppers

And so they did. In many ways..

By law you need to have you cannabis in a government container from a store...

But wait... Cant I grow my own? Why do I need to have a container from a store if I grew it?

Wasteful legal Packaging

As I mentioned, they added 40 new charges related to cannabis, Many of which have no real point, And certainly no effect on public safety, other than to prosecute people further for a plant. They even added insane minimum sentences for breaching their new overreaching powers too!

They made getting legal cannabis easier, but its still unnecessarily complicated in the way you need regular appointments with what often appear to be fake doctors for them to constantly reassess your need for cannabis. As if its a dangerous drug!

The ol' Fake Doctor

They made sure that legal medical patients got the worst end of the stick by making the detectable THC allowed in your blood such a low threshold, that even a regular smoker who quit 30 days ago may still fail the test. In one case, An elderly lady who has never even used cannabis was arrested for impaired driving, despite lacking evidence. She was later released, and was planning to pursue charges against the police last I heard.

As many of you know, THC remains in your body for extended periods of time because it bonds with your fat cells, So this leaves chronic consumers, such as medical patients vulnerable to unjust harassments from law enforcement.

The also made sure to make concentrates hard to get, and made sure if you were caught with shatter, you were taught a lesson. This has since been slowly changing though. its becoming more mainstream, and the laws have relaxed regarding it.

Shatter Slabz

These are just a few examples of the ridiculousness that is legalization in canada and I hope you are starting to see the fallacy that is being presented here.

Their efforts resulted in the price of illegal cannabis dropping to never before seen prices in an effort from the cottage industry to not only hold onto their loyal customers, but attract a new wave of legal smokers to their grey market business.

In the end it alll comes down to money. the government wanted a cut of the profits they were missing out on from the grey market. They reduced the allowed amounts of THC to almost nothing for edibles, They made getting wayyy less than you paid for normal. They made 70 dollar eights popular. They made it an industry one can only enter if you are rich. And in some parts of the country, they made it impossible to buy it legally without driving hours away from home. in some places, this is still a real problem, even till today.

The have destroyed the cottage cannabis industry in Canada, and we all have to pay the price. one way or another.

If they have succeeded at one thing so far, its making poor quality cannabis, an expensive commodity, and forcing medical patients to fear for their freedom every time they leave their house.

How has legalization affected you? your habits? your business? Your life?

Sound off in the comments!

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