Our First in the Series... 60 Second grow Tips!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

KG Grow pros is putting together a bunch of 60 Second Grow Tips. Nice short, digestible pieces of information, that you can apply, and get results TODAY!

Tomorrow at 9 am the first episode will be releasing on our YouTube

~Choosing A Strain~


If you have anything you want us to cover (in a 60 second video, or in a longer format) let me know in the comments! I want to help you grow, and create cannabis independence for yourself.

We are going to be doing 2 60 second tips per week!

And we are getting ever closer to our first giveaway of $100! ]

You can win either $100 to your PayPal, or $100 Worth of bitcoin to your wallet!

Enter the giveaway by simply completing this survey.

The survey helps me understand you, and serve you the exact things you want to learn!

Grow Happy. grow like A PRO

Want to see my old soil grow? Have a look here:


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