Ahh the Smell Of Rotting Squid in The Morning...

Lets peek into my old soil grow. This is what I started using when I began growing.

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Lets Dig In (Literally)

If my memory serves correctly, this is violator Kush from barneys farm.

You'll notice how healthy and green they are. Also, Note the size of the leaves. These pots are roughly 18" at the top. The leaves are very large.

A Trained eye can pickup the fact that this is not a pure indica, But it likely leans towards the indica side. Which is correct. You can tell by the leaf shape. These leaves are still quite wide as indicas are, But they also stretch into a fine point. Sativas are very lanky thin and not near as robust as indicas.

Lets go back In time...

This is from the same crop. Whether or not its the exact same plant in the last photo, its hard to say. But this is where it all starts. This is from early 2017, when I started my first grow. I tried growing a few different strains at first to get a feel for what I wanted to pursue.

This is about a week old from germination.

Notice how the leaves are very consistent in shape and size?

This means the plant should have good, stable genetics, and be healthy throughout life.

10 to 14 days later... This is what they look like.

The perfect time to top your plants if that's the route you will choose.

And another 2 Weeks later, This is what the plants look like.

They grow very fast at this stage. Sometime they are hard to control!

And in the case of a pure Indica such as this Pure Kush, you'll notice the extremely fat stout leaves. Nothing resembling the violator Kush. They dont come to a sharp point like something with basically any amount of sativa.

(Roughly the same age as the last photo)

In this photo, you get a good look at the soil i was using.

I was using a mix of Promix HP, Vermiculite, And Mychorrizate aka Myke, plus bottled organic nutrients at the time.

Promix has some vermiculite already, And they claim to have Myke aswell, But i like to add more...

The myke helps add a living fungus to your soil, encouraging beneficial bacteria cultures which help charge the plants up with nutrients quicker, And the vermiculite has the ability to help keep moisture in your soil for a bit longer. This is really only beneficial in organic grows.

And This was me learning to LST The plant.

When you practice Low Stress Training, the plant responds by literally bending to your will.

This works 2 fold.

First, it strengthens the plant by making it work a little bit harder.

Secondly, it shapes the plant into something a bit more manageable than a straight stock.

This photo shows the plants becoming more mature. This stage is getting close to flower. 3 to 4 weeks tops. Soil does take longer for the nutrients to break down.

Side note, This photo shows both strains. the skinnier leaves on the left, and you can barely see the fat leafs on the right.


This is the beauties shortly after being swapped over to flower.

the rudimentary SCROG net i made worked better than it looks, But i soon upgraded to something much better.

Further into flower, these girls really took off!

Remember, This was my first real crop. So the following may impress you

**Viewer discretion advised! The following photos may Compel you To Grow Cannabis!**

This is what I got with no experience, No guidance, And really no idea what I was doing.

My Success With Soil was pretty good! Infact, As i was transitioning out of soil to hydro, My last crop was one of my best harvests ever, Weight wise. Quality, Errr not so much.

The main reason i went to hydro, Is the ease of use of the hydro system, and being able to keep my ph monitored correctly. Not to mention, higher quality buds, and bigger plants.

Really it comes down to personal preference, and what you want to do in your personal grow.

I hope you learnt a thing or 2 and enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me!

Ive got some awesome content coming for you in the free webinar which will be held next month, And i think i may be able to help many of you achieve your goals of saving money, Becoming self sufficient, And learning to grow. Achieve Cannabis Independence!

Stay Tuned

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