StrainS #1: Discussing Bubba Kush

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This is the first installment of this series called StrainS. Where we discuss a strain, Its lineage, Its effects, Its genetics, known phenotypes, and more!

Today we Have Bubba Kush on the chopping block. If your wondering why I decided to start with Bubba, its because its what i have growing currently, And its a pretty popular strain.

Bubba Kush Trichomes Closeup

~A Closeup of the trichomes on the bubba as of yesterday~



Bubba Kush was created around 1996, when an unknown indica strain from new Orleans (Called the Bubba) was crossed with an OG Kush plant. If we trace that further back, OG Kush has Hindu origins, and is closely tied in with Bubba Kush, in that they both came from Florida around the time bubba was created using these 2 strains. Or so the story goes. This topic is contested in the cannabis community, So you will get different stories from different sources.



Known for dense fat buds, Sticky and resinous, And at around 18% THC, its a relatively strong smoke.

The plant grows well in any medium, but really likes hydroponic systems. Its Easy to grow & hardy. The growth is quite vigorous, with large fan leaves. The start of the cycle from clones takes a bit longer than usual, but it evens out when they start exploding in growth a few weeks later. The smell isn't super strong during flower either.

With an 8 week flowering time, Standard for most indica dominant strains, Its perfect for running a perpetual grow, where you harvest every 2 months.

An overall great strain to grow for any skill level.


Known phenotypes-

Katsu Cut (Created by orgnkid around 2000-2001)

> Mint Bubba S1>Purple Bubba S1

Shabads Cut >Pre 98 Bubba



Bubba is known for its peppery & hashy yet slightly sweet , slightly chocolaty flavor. It has many earthy tones, and the smoke smells like incense!



Bubba kush can put you OUT! with its Heavy couchlock effect, Strong Body high & Sleep Inducing Indica stone. It tends to be quite a creative stone as well in my experience.


What its great for-

Anxiety, Paranoia, Insomnia, Headaches, Lack of appetite, Lack of focus/adhd


Curing in A Jar


Why I Love it:

Bubba has long been one of my favorite strains. The specific smell is quite unique, and you know you are in for a good time! Every time i smoke it, the entire room smells like amazing incense and not weed! For me I use it morning day and night, as I prefer heavy indicas during the day too. Its easy to grow, it crops out with a pretty fair amount, and its consistently delicious!


Bubba Kush is a heavy hitter with moderate levels of THC that can be enjoyed by anyone who desires deep relaxation, and a relaxed thought process. It can calm your nerves, your mind and your soul. This is not a strain you should pass up!

Its a classic strain, Coveted by many, and presented as legend to those who have not experienced it.

Have you tried Bubba Kush? What do you think about it? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Wanna see how i grow it? Check out my other blog post here:

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