Learn How to get a 50% Increase in yield on Your Crop!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

"Based on these solutions I provided for my plants, I expect a 50% Increase in cannabis by weight On my next crop. A 50 % Increase would bring the total to around 12 or 13 ozs, Every 60-70 Days!"
-Kaeli @ KG Grow Pros

As I pack a fresh buster full of buds, pulling them out one by one, Dragging them under my nose to get a whiff of herb heaven, I am mentally going through a list of things that need to be done 2 weeks into flower.


With A crisp twist of the buster, the room fills with the earthy, Pungent scent of dank cannabis. Another twist of the buster, and the ready to smoke herb reveals itself!

As I pack my bong with purpose, I ready myself to show my plants love, care, and compassion. I ready myself to give them my all.

Stifling a cough, I head over to my grow room...

Full Grow tent And SCROG

(not a current photo... That comes shortly :P)

Well, here we are.

2 weeks into flower, 2 weeks in the new Recirculating Deep Water Culture hydro System! 2 weeks with a Brand New Bulb, and 2 weeks of vigorous growth!

And most importantly... 2 Weeks With No Root Rot!

This is going to be the best crop yet!

Want to learn how i did this, And what I'm expecting from this crop? Read on!

You may be wondering...

How do i upgrade to hydroponics? Or How could you get better results from your current grow? Or you may not even know where to start! And that's ok!

Imagine never Having to buy Cannabis Again!

This is the reality for those who curate their own cannabis!

And this is what I'm here to do!

Help You achieve Cannabis independence!

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(I will leave more links at the bottom so as not to pull you away from this article.)

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The RDWC hydro System: Click Here

Now lets look at the plants:

Bubba Kush up Close

First of all, You will notice the girth of the stem, and secondly the density of the bud sites. These plants are going to be absolutely PACKED with buds. Everything is very close together, Not stretching, and looking like its the perfect recipe for rock hard, dense buds that will absolutely bliss out even the most experienced smokers!

To the untrained eye this may not look like anything special, But met me add a comparison for you. This is from a crop roughly 18 months ago, And you may notice the lack of density, and lack of sturdy stem in comparison. Despite this plant being a bit younger, it is still evident this will not be as bushy, strong, or healthy.

And old Master kush I Grew

A Quick rundown of the upgrades and RDWC:

I put a brand new bulb in my Traditional High Intensity Discharge Lighting system, providing more lumens and canopy penetration.

I Added a 1000w LED panel for supplemental lighting, More vigorous growth, Fuller spectrum, and better canopy penetration.

I added another plant

I got a ppm pen with temperature too!

And i got rid of my root rot with the RDWC system!

I painted the lids of the bins in an effort to reflect light away from the water too.

RDWC is deep water culture that circulates between the system rather than remains stagnant. Air is pumped into the water, and the plants absorb food very quickly.

Lets take a quick look at this clear type of root rot.

The floating crap in the water is a sure sign something is wrong, and you can see it has started to collect on the bottom too.

The roots are completely inundated by this slime and white debris. As the camera splits off to a 3rd shot, you get a real good close up of what this stuff really looks like. Essentially snot. And it prevents the plant from getting food. This is known as nutrient lockout.

This was really hard to get rid of with traditional methods. the only solution i found, was moving over to RDWC and implementing the moving water.

Now Lets look at some Healthy Roots from this current cycle, 2 weeks into flower.

Its plain to see these are much healthier, Happier and brighter. So bright they are almost translucent!

This is what healthy roots look like. This allows the plants to absorb everything you can throw at them!

This is my current crop. its very happy and healthy at and below the water level.//

Now lets have a look topside!

Bubba Kush 2 wks in flower

The buds are clearly forming after 2 weeks! The hairs start to pop out, and the smell begins to emanate.

The leaves are ever so slightly tilting upwards towards the light. Reaching for the stars!

This is a sign of good health as well.

This will turn into 1 Big Ass Bud! Near the bottom the nodes are nearly on top of one another. this kind of density is what you want. Having it just 2 weeks in, is icing on the cake.

And near the top, Although it appears more bare, this will start to fill in within 2 weeks.

Bubba Kush Nodes

A Larger perspective:

This video shows the topside in crystal clear HD!

The Process:

After examining the plants thoroughly, It was time to empty the system using the ol wet dry vac!

This didn't take that long. Maybe 15 minutes.

(Volume Warning!!)

Next, it was time to feed them.

Using my trusty journal, I replaced the nutrients based on my previous feeding, with a few minor tweaks.

Then I added the correct amount of pH down, My homemade root rot treatment, And a bit of hydrogen peroxide, just as a preventative measure at this point.

The risk of getting that root rot again is high enough where I will do anything to prevent it!

Within about 30 minutes, the system cycles, and balances out.

This whole process takes less than an hour, And it only has to be done every 2 weeks!

This is totally simple, and anyone can do it!

As I empty the water from the vacuum, I'm planning what notes to write, and what I'm going to do next.

Back into the grow room to take note of the ppm and pH readings, and a quick tidy of the nutrients I used, Leaves this process complete!

Consider the possibility that with less than 2 hours invested every 2 weeks, You can be producing more cannabis than you know what to do with, Every 2 months.

More than enough to pay off the upfront investment, and the minimal associated ongoing costs such as electricity, and water.

Within just 6 more weeks, These 4 plants will produce a large quantity of cannabis which will support me for 8-10 weeks or more, allowing my crop time to grow and provide me with even more!

How would you like to recreate these types of results?

What if I told you you can do this on your first try?

Well im here to tell you YOU CAN!

I want to help you achieve cannabis independence, And free yourself from the government, And from the cost of buying cannabis regularly.

If this sounds like something you want in your life, If you are ready to take action towards Cannabis Independence, then book a FREE consult call with Kaeli @ KG Grow Pros!

>> https://www.thegrowpro.ca/book-a-free-consult-call <<

We will get to discuss your current situation, And I can get to know you, your goals and struggles. Then we can develop actionable steps for you to take to start on your journey towards Cannabis Independence!

What Results Should you Expect?

Based on these solutions I provided for my plants, I expect a 50% Increase in cannabis by weight On my next crop.

Using a 4x4 foot tent, I generally expect between 8oz (226g) and 10ozs(283g) per crop. Every 60-70 days.

So a 50 % Increase would bring the total to around 12ozs(340g) or 13ozs (370g). And I imagine the quality would also get a boost because there is no nutrient lock out!

This is incredibly exciting! Considering I smoke roughly an oz per week, 8 ozs is barely enough to scrape by to the next harvest.

For me this would make a HUGE difference!

And if you decide to take action and work with me, I can get you these kind of results too!

Let me know in the comments where you are at?

Have you started growing?

and if so what stage of growth are you at? If you are in flower.. how many weeks in? Are you getting the results and success you desire?

Or Not growing yet?

What have you learnt about growing so far? What decisions have you made? What do you need to learn in order to start? What kind of guidance and help can I give you?

Here's the links to the other posts! Go learn some more!

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The RDWC hydro System: Click Here

Good Luck on Your Green Thumb Journey!

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