The Grow Pros Pandemic Black Friday Sale. Reach Cannabis independence today!

Black friday SalE! Is Having A Black Friday Pandemic Sale!

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Are You Ready to Take Action To reach Cannabis independence?

The looming Second Lockdown Got You on Your Toes?

Worried About Supply Chain issues, or Going out During the pandemic?

What About Saving money Every Month because you No Longer Have to buy cannabis?

How would you like to save 400+/ Month towards xmas gifts, a vacation, Bills, Your Business, Crypto Etc?

Do You Want A Complete Done-For-You Grow Package, With 1 on 1 Training specific to your grow every step of the way, and a complete turn key grow course to take you from no-Grow-To-Pro? is here to Help!

"I have personally curated these packages to fit a variety of budgets, Needs, and harvest goals. There is something here for everyone, And I will be here to help you at every turn on the path to Cannabis independence!"
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-Kaeli From KG Grow Pros/

~Use Code | Ready2Grow | for 15% off Everything!

Included in Every Package:(Tier 1-4)

My First Grow package When I Started
A Complete Grow Package

1. A Complete Grow Package That Includes

  • A Grow Tent (Standard Size Is 4x4 foot. Other Sizes Available Upon request)

  • Complete Lighting System + Timer ( Your Choice of LED or traditional HID Lighting. Every Package tier includes A light upgrade from the last)

  • Complete exhaust fan system (Includes Speed Controller, Carbon Filter & Ducting)

  • Cool Tube Reflector (Not Applicable For LED Systems)

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer

  • pH & ppm meter

*All Tier 2 And Above Packages include A Complete Nutrient System, And Some Extra

Accessories Such as a fan and netting and weather station*

~Use Code | Ready2Grow | for 15% off Everything!

2. The Turn Key Grow Course

Carefully Curated By In Conjunction With Professional Canadian Growers, Breeders, hydro Experts, Concentrate experts, And Plant Science Graduates At the University of California Santa Cruz,

This Course is the system that will take you from no grow to pro the first time, and skyrocket your growing potential right from the get go!

Course Overview
The Turn Key Grow Course

Turn Key Grow Course features:

-Lifetime Access +All Updates

-Over 25 Modules Each featuring Several lessons.

-Over 75 Individual lessons covering every facet of growing, From the basics of genetics, to picking the right strain, Nutrients 101 for both organic and hydro, Multiple detailed grow system builds to give you easy steps to create the right system for you! And so much more!

"I Wish I had Something like this to Show me the Way When I Started growing, So I have brought together some of the best and brightest in cannabis, to give you the absolute easiest way to reach Cannabis Independence By covering everything you ever wanted to know about growing Cannabis. Let Me Help You Make your First Harvest A Successful one."

-Kaeli From KG Grow pros/

~Use Code | Ready2Grow | for 15% off Everything!

3. 1 on 1 Consulting

We get on the phone (Or via Skype, or Whatsapp) And I get to know you, your Problems, your situation, and your goals & dreams, And I give you actionable steps that you can implement to achieve your goals, and or fix your issues!

Those who have more than 1 call will get many opportunities to build on the last call, and implement new ideas, while developing a 1 on 1 relationship.

4. VIP Lounge Access

You Will get:

-VIP Access to our Network of Growers, breeders, Sponsors, Suppliers & more through the KG Grow pros Private Facebook group and our private forums @

-Exclusive VIP Only Giveaways Which Will Be Larger Value and less restricted ;) .

-VIP Exclusive Content such as Blog Posts, Videos, Interviews Etc.

-Early Access & VIP Discounts to New Products Exclusive to

-Extra 1 on 1 Support through the forums from Our team, And From our network

~Use Code | Ready2Grow | for 15% off Everything!

"I Want To help You Free Yourself From the Reigns of Government Cannabis, And Put your hard Earned money back in your Wallet!"
-Kaeli Khaos From KG Grow Pros/

If you consider the cost of purchasing cannabis every month as an expense rather than a necessity, Then it is not a good use of your cold hard cash. you are literally burning money Away!

|The Cost Of Not Growing is higher than investing in a system that perpetually generates thousands of dollars worth of cannabis Every 60 Days.|

With this system, you will be able to harvest your cannabis every 60 days, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing cannabis. Infact, Its Less than the price of a Coffee every Day to run your grow, Except this coffee pays for itself!

Within 6 Months, Most people are able to recoup the initial investment, And for the rest of your life, you Never have to buy cannabis Again!

~Use Code | Ready2Grow | for 15% off Everything!


Because I want to help you achieve Cannabis Independence, is offering a killer Black Friday Discount For Everything in the Store!

Every Package Is 15% Off Until Wed Dec 2nd!

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Happy Growing And Splendid Smoking :)

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