The Necessity Of Cannabis Independence

I write to you today to stress the absolute NEED to grow your own cannabis.

I recently lost a crop for the first time since I started growing, Due to a nasty case of root rot caused by too much light getting to the roots.

This was more than just a disappointment. This became a financial problem when for the first time in over 2 years, I had to purchase cannabis from someone else. Not to mention the many risks involved with that like contamination, mold, poison, getting shafted or anything else.

The cannabis I grow is high grade AAA, and is impressively strong, So when purchasing cannabis, I look for high quality, high THC, packed-with-flavor buds.

This comes at a premium. And cannabis prices have risen a fair amount since I last purchased. To purchase 5 Oz's, it cost me roughly $700! And that will only last me about 6 weeks if I am lucky.

If you are a regular/Chronic smoker or consumer of cannabis like myself, You know that it can really lighten your wallet, and sometimes force you to choose between medicine, and other important pieces of life, when deciding where your funds go.

But that's not the only reason in todays wild world to grow your own...

The COVID Fiasco

During these unprecedented times we are struggling through, its more important than ever to stay home, and away from the public, As well as be self sufficient to avoid any kind of chaos and panic caused by perceived shortages or scarcity.

Need I remind you of the MAYHEM caused by the Great Toilet Paper panic of 2020?

This craziness isn't going away any time soon, And it has certainly left many people priorities and lives shook to the core. Many Canadians are left considering "what if".

What if there is food shortages?

What if there are supply line issues?

What if borders are shut down again?

What if I get the virus and am stuck at home?

What if I am not able to get cannabis?

What if I am unable to work?

What if I pass the virus to someone else unknowingly?

and many more

Many of these issues were never considered a possibility just 6 months ago, but now they are the grim reality for everyone. We never know what tomorrow may hold...

Maybe this can be seen as a blessing is disguise...?

As we all know, Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail...

Why not take this opportunity...A chance to become self reliant, and reevaluate your priorities, While saving large chunks of money in the process, all while never having to leave your house to get the high grade.

Even if you are under quarantine, Or worried about others handling things you are to consume so as not to get sick, Curating your own cannabis is one way to help reduce your impact on the public during this madness, And regain control of your finances, Your ability to share with others, and most importantly the freedom to never buy cannabis again.

You will almost never be without once you start growing, And if you follow my advice, i will save you tonnes of trouble, Do the testing, and hard work for you, and provide you with solutions that work time and time again. I Live and Breathe cannabis (pun intended), and i want to help you do the same.

Lets chat!

I'm offering FREE 30 minute consult calls ($100 Value) for the month of Nov, For those who sign up using this form!

This will allow me to get to know you, Get an understanding of your current situation, your Goals, Your needs, and provide you with actionable steps, and solutions to help you reach cannabis independence.


The real question is, How can you afford to not grow your own?

Do you grow your own food?

What will you do if there is food or cannabis shortages? Will you be prepared?

Did you book a FREE consult call?

Let me know in the comments..

If you want to see what upgrades I did to reduce the chance of getting root rot again, Check out this blog post:

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