Upgrading The Grow Room:

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Today is the day where i upgrade a few things!

~The Bulb~

I realized my old bulb was toast. I thought i replaced it a while back when i bought new bulbs. But i didn't. OOPS!

This should provide more light for flowering.

Gullwing Reflector + HPS light

~The Hydro System~

The next step, Is going from DWC To RDWC (recirculating deep water culture). With my current system, i have to feed each plant separately, And it can become a chore. not to mention, moving them constantly can cause limbs to break unexpectedly.

To upgrade to RDWC, it will require adding an extra res into the system that doesn't have a plant on it. That res will be the one that gets opened and closed to adjust nutrients, pH and change the water. Then that res, connects using hose to all the other ones, And a fountain pump is added in order to circulate the water around.

I may also decide to re add some fish tank filters that run off an air pump to help keep the water spotless.

Deep Water Culture Bucket

~More Plants~

Ive been running 3 plants for the last few cycles in an attempt to grow larger plants that are less cramped. As i upgrade to RDWC, i will be adding A 4th plant, as i had prior to the last few cycles. I find you get a better harvest despite the lack of space.

6 plant DWC hydro system

~Recent Upgrades and issues~

I added a ppm meter that has temperature to my arsenal. That helps to not only calibrate the pH pens, but it also lets you know your plants water temp.

I recently upgraded to supplemental lighting, and added a LED panel to my HPS. This caused the yellow lids of my bins to allow too much light through, and caused the nastiest case of root rot ive ever had!

Slimy White Snotty Root rot
The Worst Root Rot Ever

~Root Rot treatment~

Usually i treat my root rot with a homemade solution consisting of 30grams of Pool shock, in 1 gallon of water. Then mix that solution and feed 1ml of your solution per 1 gallon of water in your res. Feed every 4 days.

That has worked every time ive had root rot before.

But this was different. this was clear whiteish slimy snot. not brown slime.

i was recommended to try h2o2. So i did. It seemed to work for a day then the next day after refreshing the water the root rot was back.

Anyways it wreaked havoc on my crop, And i finally figured out what the cause is/was!

Too Much Light On the Roots!

~The Solution~

So i will be adding a layer of paint to the bin lids to prevent any light penetration in the future.

This should curb any root rot that may arise, And i will continue to use my pool shock solution regularly as well as h2o2 if it gets worse. Although i believe that will be completely unnecessary.

~Whats Next?~

I plan to upgrade my lighting system in an effort to reduce power consumption. I haven't decided what the next course of action is yet, but i am considering a 630w CMH double ended fixture, A large LED panel possibly, A LED panel for my vegg booth, rather than separate HPS and MH lights, or possibly something else that i haven't learnt about yet.

Double Ended 1000w HPS Bulb

What are you using?

Are you having great results?

Do you use alot of power?

Sound off in the comments...

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